Things at work

Well today I had my annual review at work, all went exceedingly well, it was also my contract renewal time which had previously been for 3 years,  man the last three years have flown by.  Anyway I now have my contract renewed for 5 years, along with a decent payrise to boot.

Started work on the shutdown agent, and doing the coding whenever I get some free time at work.  I have my agent displaying an initial GUI with list of server addresses that are currently hardcoded as  beliefs of the agent, and it’s responding to a manual shutdown command from the GUI, that is, it’s executing the shutdown plan (but not actually doing anything atm).  Another goal I’ve setup is to  monitor the UPS battery level, not reading anything yet but it looks like it is executing the goal every 5 seconds, and from this goal it is executing the monitor_ups plan.   Time to start fleshing out the the guts of the plans so the agent can start monitoring and making some decisions.

One problem I’ve come up against is actually bootstrapping my manager Agent which starts everything else from code.  Normally you start the agent container then load the agents ADF (Agent Definition File) into the AMS (Agent Management Service).  I have one manager agent that loads all my other agents (I only have one atm) and it’s working as it should, but I want to bootstrap it from my applications main class so that I don’t have to do it all manually, I just want to click an icon on the desktop.  I know it can be done, just have to re-read the API a bit more deeply. 

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