EBAY Trigger Receiver PCB

A couple of design changes,  main one being I could not physically fit a single design into the existing housings that would encompass the Tx and RX, the RX housing is the problem as it’s a fairly small board so that means I’ve had to change the processor so that I can physically fit everything as well as the RF onto the board, so now a single design using the  16F873A now becomes 2 circuits, Tx and Rx using a 16F88 as the MPU.

Receiver PCB

So here is a draft of the for the , still have a couple of problems I need to work out, main one is what to do with the batteries, should I stick with the Lithium CR2/3 Style or move to a AA/AAA style that all good strobists carry around in their case.  The problem is the size of the board does not lend itself for any additional space for the CR2/3 battery. So I’ve just put battery terminals and allowed for some outside source, although still not 100% happy with it and will probably be revisited.

 Anyway here is the PCB at x5 scale and at 1:1

Draft Receiver PCB (PDF)

Receiver Circuit

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