Strobit Board – some minor tweaks

Ok not quite finished, but almost there!  I’ve had to make a few minor changes.  I’m glad I’ve taken the time to learn and play around with Eagle 3D, it had highlighted some potential clearance problems.  Rather than rush things I’ve decided to take a bit of time modelling than fork out my $$$ and get some prototypes made only to find these problems down the track and could have avoided.  Granted Modelling is not a silver bullet, and I guess I could be here forever, but now I’m a lot happier.


  • Moved SMA antenna connector back from front edge of the as it was hanging over slightly.  This connector is optional at assembly.  The pad can be used to solder on a wire antenna instead.
  • Changed switched power side on the switch, The switched side of the On/Off switch was very close to ground plane coming under the switch so had the potential to short, now is nice and clear.  I’ve also added some more ground plane clearance around the switch contacts just to be on the safe side.
  • Added solder jumpers for LEDS, probably don’t want these enabled if a personality board is on, but it gives you the option to use them or not, and re-use the I/O if required.
  • Moved vias and tracks away from standoffs.


  • I think I really need to isolate the 2 power sources from each other, i.e. the Power from the USB and VBAT, so I’m looking at putting in a BAT54C barrier diode.  Just need to research it a bit more.
  • Still don’t know what to do with the ICSP connector.  I will probably leave it there with the option of putting it on at assembly.  I’m pretty sure that it will clear any personality board with a bit of care.  Modelling the personality board is my next step.


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