Canon E-TTL Timings

More success from Bill Grundmann in his attempt to decrypt Canons protocol !

It appears that there is a consistent 4msec delay between when the CLK signal from the camera body drops to GND and when the actual flash is triggered.  This would give us plenty of “leeway” in our timing to sync with the shutter I would guess.

Then next part of the puzzle is to now trick the body that it has a flash in high speed sync mode attached to achieve some high sync rates.

Next week I’ll start investigating this further (already got a pretty busy weekend on the cards )

For those of you that shoot Nikon, it might be worth looking at what Bill has done so far and see if those with knowledge can do the same for the Nikon protocol.  With the knowledge of both major protocols we just might be able to have both vendors protocols talking to each other via the Strobit Triggr.

Well done Bill and keep up the great work!

Bills’ Post:

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