It Lives!!!

Today I got a chance to do some on the boards.

State of play so far:

  1. Checked for shorts on power – OK
  2. Did a board level continuity test – everything as per schematic.
  3. Power at the correct levels and at the right places.
  4. Found that my USBASP programmer needs sw2 set and now all working, I can now read and set fuses etc.
  5. Arduino lillypad bootloader successfully loaded and working – Whoot!
  6. ASCII sketch loaded via Arduino development environment, serial port tested at 9600, all working.
  7. Jean claudes RFM12B Test Sketch loaded and working.  Can configure device and some random data is being read back from RFM12B, need a second board operational to fully test the RF side of things.


  1. Build a second device now that the basic circuit is working and verified.
  2. Fully test RFM12B and wireless comms.
  3. Test I/O i.e. Analogue and Digital ports, LEDS  etc
  4. Customise boot loader to use onboard LEDS.
  5. Document all of the above for others on the project’s website.

All in all I’m pretty happy 🙂

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