Strobit Wireless Widget Photos

I had a chance to grab a few photos of the progress so far, also helps that most of my components that I had on order arrived today so the boards has been kitted out with all the headers. Now I can plug the prototype personality in, still waiting on my crystals, switches, and diodes.

This gives an idea of size. (I don’t have big hands either) This board has a 900MHz 2dB GSM SMA antenna, prototype personality board installed and battery holder for CR123A Lithium battery.




Different battery options, using x2AA with a switched battery pack soldered onto the board.


The SMA connector is a standard PCB straight SMA connector that has been soldered onto the edge of the board. The board have been designed for the Sparkfun PCB edge mounted SMA connector (SKU: WRL-00593), however I found that a standard PCB SMA connector will do the same job, the distance between the centre pin and the ground pins is the same thickness as the PCB and all the pins line up with the Sparkfun footprint, the centre pin fits perfectly and so do the two bottom ground pins, only difference is the two top ground pins don’t get soldered.



One of the LEDs flashing….Its Alive!!!!


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