Recovering from Incorrect Fuse Settings on the Strobit

The other day when playing around with different settings on the Widget Board, I incorrectly wrote the wrong values, oops one bricked board šŸ™ However all is not lost.

With a second working Widget Board and a simple Arduino sketch , I used the following procedure to recover from my mishap.

First I installed the following sketch onto a working Widget Board

void setup() {
	pinMode(3, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
	while(1) {
		PIND |= _BV(3);

What this sketch does is generate a 1.2MHz clock signal on the INT1 port of the Widget Board. (Click the picture below to see the the full trace )


Next I attached this signal to the XTAL1 pin (Pin 7) of the AtMega168v on the bricked board (I just held it against the crystal pin).

While holding this connection on the pin, I then fired up AVR-DUDE and rewrote the correct fuse settings, after confirming that the fuse values could be read back I then remove the wire and everything was back to normal.

All is not lost after all šŸ™‚

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