Widget Development Updates

Just thought I’d post an update on what’s happening in the widget world.

Limited Production Run

I have a very limited number of widget kits available for purchase. This limited batch of widget kits also include a bare prototype personality at no cost with each widget to get you started in your wireless applications.

Introductory price of $US25ea (or $20ea for 5+) include headers, bare prototype boards, 10Mhz low profile crystal, switch, all smd components are pre-assembled and tested, latest bootloader and RFM12 test program loaded.


SMA Pigtail: $2.50 for externally mounting SMA antenna.

SMA Edge: $2.50 for mounting SMA antenna onto PCB

SMA R/A antenna 900Mhz only: $4.50 to suit SMA connectors above

CR123 Battery Holder: $2.50

I’ve yet to get full details and pictures available or a means to order online yet, so contact me in the mean time if you’re interested, please let me know the band of the RF module required when ordering, e.g 915Mhz, 868Mhz or 433Mhz.

New Bootloaders

The v1.1 of the widget bootloader for 8Mhz and 10Mhz boards are now available in the download area. These have been updated to incorporate the onboard LEDS and provide visual indication when entering the bootloader.

Source now in SVN

All the arduino source that I’ve changed for the widgets is now in SVN on the project page. This includes:

  • Bootloader source.
  • modified boards.txt that include the 8 and 10Mhz versions of the RFM12Widget. 
  • Modified wiring_analog.c to read Widget battery voltage.

This can be checked out/copied directly to your arduino install directory by overwriting the existing files. The arduino environment will need to be restarted for the boards.txt file to take effect.

V1.1 PCBs

I’ve started incorporating the user feedback into the next revision of PCBs. Still a bit of work to be done on the PCB layouts.

Widget Mesh

Started preliminary design for a simple mesh network.

Ultimately I would like to have the ability for the widgets to provide Zigbee type functionality (not compatibility) along with frequency hopping as standard, that is transparent to the application. Only very early days so far.

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