#WidgetMesh Gateway continued…

I’ve had some mixed success with the serial port hack on the Airlive device since my previous post.

After setting up the uclib development environment I have now successfully compiled avrdude so I can program the RFM12WidgetBoard located inside the device, however I had a couple of issues when trying to talk to the WidgetBoard.

Nothing happens when trying to query the WidgetBoard…data is going out the serial port but nothing being returned.

First problem I found….crossed Tx and Rx due to a silkscreen error on the WidgetBoard, the silkscreen for TxO and RxI are wrong way around on the PCB.

After fixing this problem and re-testing Avrdude it’s still not working….so further testing…..

Serial port is definitely working and I now have a serial console to the device. When I connect up a terminal program via my FTDI USB ttl serial cable I can see the boot process and logon to the console via ttyS0, which is probably one of my problems, the bootloader may be getting confused by the console chatter.


The trace below confirms this. I’ve re-flashed the WidgetBoard with my blinky example from the port, besides blinking the LEDS it also outputs a string “There is” to the serial port, you can see by the trace what the WidgetBoard is sending, and the output sent back by the console.


By default this kernel has the console attached to ttyS0 (see my previous post and the dmesg dump) so one of my next steps will is to recompile the kernel and disable the serial console access attached to ttyS0.

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