Rallylog Assembly Progress

Last Friday I received my second revision of PCBs. As mentioned in one of my previous posts I majorly stuffed up on my LCD footprint along with some additional board changes including the larger 3V regulator and the 5V regulator PCB.

I’m very happy with my switch to Kicad also with it’s resulting PCB below.

(Click through to flickr images for more details. Some are commented and have notes)

rallylog pcb

After verifying the PCB again (this time successfully), I set aside some time over the weekend to assemble the first unit for testing.


Rally log with all SMD components assembled

rallylog smd assembled


with all components assembled and removed from the tooling strips

rallylog assembled


Test fit in Sparkfun project Case, have yet to fit the top cover, i.e. drill holes for LEDs, Buttons and LCD, will be leaving this until after testing, but happy with the results so far 🙂

rallylog assembled

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