#Rallylog Fusebits

While testing the serial functions I had issues as mentioned in the previous post where the AVR <-> FTDI seemed not to be working.

Initially I thought it was a hardware problem due to a hidden solder bridge or such, further testing on the ASCII example sketch revealed that something was being sent, albeit garbage, to me it looked like incorrect baud rate. After unsuccessfully checking bitrates, I filed it as a fail and moved on, however last night when I set about writing the read function using NewSoftSerial on the RFID I was getting nothing reported back back on the AVR, not a thing coming back from the RFID Rx Pin, yet my logic analyser showed that the correct data was being presented on the correct pin of the CPU, it then got me thinking that it must be a setting on the AVR.

I re-programmed it to the same settings as my wireless widget using the internal oscillator and now everything is now working.

I had assumed, incorrectly, that the AVR defaults to 8Mhz internal clock, which is the case, however it also has the divide by 8 fuse enabled by default, so reprogramming my fuses to the settings below fixed everything

L:0xE2 H:0xDA E:0x3F

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