The Good, the Bad and the just plain AWESOME!!!

Namibian Sun

I thought I’d just fill you all in with what’s been happening the last couple of years, some bad, but a lot of awesomeness. Yes I’ve been a bad boy for not updating the blog so heres the real reason why…..

The bad – A very sad and messy divorce where I lost my mojo for all things geek.

The good – I got my mojo back!

The just Plain Awesomeness! – About 12months after the Bad, I’ve been travelling the world with my Daughter, Courtney, well to Africa mainly, but heading to LA in a couple of weeks, my daughter was fortunate to be cast in a fairly large role in George Millers up and coming Mad Max Movie, Fury Road, due to be released in 2014.

Becoming involved or at least getting a glimpse into the industry from the outside has been such an eye opener to me, I’ve never had an experience like it. I spend approximately 2 months on location in Namibia and another month in Cape Town in the Studio chaperoning my daughter, she was over there a total of 6 months and we had a roster of friends and family support us (no shortage of volunteers let me tell you haha).

I met some truly talented people at the top of their game in many fields, both in front of and behind the camera, and made many, many friends…and the toys OMG, both big and small that they had to play with from a geeks point of view were awesome! Unfortunately we are under an NDA so I can’t post my photos here yet. But It’s going to be one hell of a movie from what I’ve seen, I’ve been a Mad Max fan since the first movie that kicked off Georges career back around when I was 17(ish), little did I know that my daughter would be in one of his followup this many years later haha or should I say <groan> seeing how many years it’s been since I first watched the original Mad Max….

So despite its downs over the last 2 years, the universe has seen fit to put things back in balance all round….and my mojo is back with lots of projects that I want to sink my teeth into, also to update you on the progress of the Rallylog project. Before all this happened It was put into service, and I just didn’t get to blog about it, so now I have some post coming up about that very soon.

BTW if you want to follow my daughters career you can follower her on FB

SCE 20121107 7658

Oh Really!!!

The Namib Desert outside of Swakop where we stayed while on location in Namibia

Sand Dunes

Base Camp

One of the base camps while on set…Sand and very big sand dunes!!!

Let there be smoke

Let there be Smoke!

Smoke Machines on the desert

It's a Wrap!!!

It’s a wrap!

Last day of filming!! George, Courtney and I onset at Cape Town Studios

Pirate Birthday Party

Pirate Birthday Party!

Celebrating one of the cast members birthday, also ended up being the unofficial wrap party as filming had just finished after 6 months.

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