Rallylog (post) Update #1 – Adding a wrist strap to the SparkFun Case

As I mentioned in my last post that just before I lost my mojo I ended up completing my build of 10 Rallylogs and testing at a live event.

As these were handheld devices I decided to add a wrist strap to stop things from getting dropped and damaged at the checkpoints, especially as it can get busy as the bikes pass through a checkpoint.

Here some of the pics with a hand strap added. I simply purchased a heap of Wii Mote straps from one of my favourite places and attached with a split pin through a hole I drilled into the top cover of the spark fun enclosures, I used the top Cover as there was more room to drill the hole.

(Click on the images to view)




The Wii Mote strap is looped through the split pin at the base of the handheld, to stop any abrasion to the plastic caused by movement of the split pin I used a washer on each side of the case. I just placed a length of insulation tape over the inside covering the split pin (not shown) to protect any possible shorts with the PCB.



To keep them all warm, cozy and dry when not being used these utility bags were purchased from the local surplus store, although I did see DX sells them as well (just can’t find the link atm), they’re a perfect fit for the spark fun case and also have belt loops on the back.



All 10 completed and ready to go for the big event…..

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