RaspberryPi Event – SWMakers Bunbury

We have an up and coming Raspberry Pi event for the the South West Makers, it’s going to be a fairly casual get-together, but will be RPi orientated for those wanting to get their feet wet on the RPi, and also a chance to show off and chat about other projects you have on the go.

The concrete is slowly settling into place and it’s looking like a small RPi event will be held on Sat. the 25th of May 2013 at perhaps 11:00 to 15:00, then clean-up and out by 16:00. The location is currently still being worked on, but should have it settled by this weekend. I am thinking there could be around 10-20 people coming along for the event.

Whats going to happen there?
There will be some RPi (at least: solar power a RPi, webcam/microscope, GPS and temperature data collection), Texas MSP430, PIC (RFID Race Timing Data collection) and PICAXE (macro photography) projects present and some other interesting axillary modules. There will be some brief talks on people projects and a workshop on getting started with a RPi.

So what do I need to bring?
Best if you can bring a Raspberry Pi
Laptop running Linux or Windows OS (needed to write the OS to a SD card)
2GB or larger SD card   # this will be used to run the RPi. Can be purchased locally.
SD card reader – need this to flash the SD card from your laptop. Does the laptop have one built in?
Breadboard   # if you want to interface the RPi with LED’s, switches and other hardware etc
If you r getting into breadboarding, then it’s handy to have one of these: http://www.adafruit.com/products/914
M-M jumpers (or make your own from Cat 5 cable)
F-F jumpers # both are handy for interfacing to the breadboard or other gear
USB Power supply   with a USB to micro USB cable # run the RPi from the mains. I purchased an Apple iPad charge for around $25 or $29 from the local JB-HiFi
240V power board or two and extension cord . Mark your boards and cables
Either a USB keyboard, USB mouse and a HDMI enabled monitor, or HDMI to DVI adaptor. Note not all work, I would recommend buying one from Element 14, or some place that sells a RPi compatible unit.
Bring a network cable, as we can network the RPi to your laptop, and connect to it via SSH and VNC etc.
USB drive, with 3GB of free space. There is no or limited (via smartphone) Internet access, so we will need all the extra RPi and Python modules downloaded ahead of time. Can any Ubuntu and Python gurus help me out here?
Or just bring along your current project work 🙂
Bring a lunch

Where do I get the above gear from?
http://littlebirdelectronics.com/collections/raspberry-pi   AU based, can also order breadboards, jumpers etc Pretty fast turnaround.
http://australianrobotics.com.au/catalog/raspberry-pi   AU based, lots of goodies.
http://www.adafruit.com/category/105 lots of nice goodies here. Just watch the freight. Once it gets past a certain size/weight it goes through the roof (I know). The above two links sometimes carry the same items
http://dx.com/c/computers-networking-399/hardware-parts-313    An amazing place. Just have to dig around a bit. FREE FREIGHT! They have LOTS of cheap electronic parts and some RPi add-ons. Can take 6 weeks to be freighted in though.

Can I still come along and geek out if my gear doesn’t arrive in time?
Of course. Come along and see how it’s done, and what you can do with them. Meet other like-minded interesting people.
If you have one, bring some other project along. Even if you can’t stay for the entire event, do pop in and say hello and see what all the fuss is about.

How much is this going to cost?
I am calling this the inaugural Bunbury SW Makers event! http://swmakers.org/   I am hoping this will be a free or very cheap event by having this hosted at a location that offers us free(?) accommodation for the day. Perhaps we might have to give a small gold coin donation? As I said above, I will know by the weekend.

Can I invite other people along?
We are trying to keep it to the ‘Bunbury-MakeSpace’ people and people really interested in RPi’s, PIC/PICAXE development. If you know of someone actually actively playing around with a RPi or PIC/PICAXE etc, then yes, invite them along. I have also made contact with TAFE and the UNI IT staff to see who might be interested. I don’t think we will have a big enough space to accommodate 30-40+ people. First in first registered get a place.

OK, I am hooked! What do I need to do now?
Great! Just RSVP with your mobile number to: paulh@bdug.org.au and let me know if your bringing a project to talk about. It would be nice to know how many projects and talks we have before we start, ie: do we have 3 or 13 to discuss and table space requirements etc.

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