Filament Extruder and Winder

Over my long service leave in March 2016 I purchased a and winder to make my own filament of any colour I like 😀

The Filastruder takes about 24hours per Kg of ABS with the 12V supply I have, but will look at replacing with a 19V one. However I’m really happy with the quality of the filament it produces.

Initial extruder tests
Initial Testing of my setup

Once I’ve tuned the temperature in for the colour I’m using, I am consistently getting 1.75mm +/- 0.04mm

Extruder closeup
Nice Clean extrusion

The winder works by detecting the droop of the extruded filament via the laser and light sensors, which when in auto mode will control the motor speed.

Once I had it all working I mounted it on a frame so I can wheel around house.

Filastruder setup with winder
Extruder Setup with winder
Building a portable setup – Filatrolley

First print with ABS

First Print
Success with first Print!!!

Check out my cardboard filament spool design that can be made with a laser cutter (or a pair of scissors)

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