piCluster Project

This is another of my past projects I havent got around to blogging about last year. Introducing , my Grid Computing and Devops exploration system.

This post has been taken from my original forum post on the

piCluster is a 16 node Grid/Cluster that I’ll be using to experiment with grid computing for my trading, obviously not powerful, but will allow me to explore grid computing techniques associated with parallel computing and scaling. Plus I’ve always wanted a Beowulf cluster since I first came across them many moons ago when I started up an Internet Service Provider, but the hassle of setting up actual PCs was going to be a pain and I never got around to it. 😀 Screen is the 7″ RPI touch screen with and additional RPi attached at the top of the case is my Master node so in reality 17 nodes.


Also it will also allow me to play around with clustering in a Unix environment and the use of automated tools like puppet and Chef for automated config management.

My design so far, made out of clear 1/4 Acrylic aka perspex, both ends will act as handles but I haven’t added the cutouts. Design allows for expansion to another 16 nodes easily if I want to down the track, all I have to do is replace the ends and add extra fans if required, probably overkill on the cooling, but I intend to overclock things. I still need to finish handles, Screen Mounts and Box Joints for the perspex.

All files are available for download on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1122133

The 16 nodes arrived today and assembled, I’ve tracked down supply and laser cutting of the perspex in Bunbury.


Next step is to get power and networking sorted along with configuring my master and then automating node rollout.

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