Next SW Maker Meeting

Next meeting will be held on the 13th August at the usual place….Milligan House, Bunbury from 1:00pm

For those interested in making your own circuit boards I’ll be starting a series of hands on Kicad tutorial sessions.

I would like an idea of numbers so I can pre-print some handout notes so please RSVP to my email address or the group if you’ll be coming.

Kicad is an open source EDA package used to design circuit boards. This session will probably kick off around 1:30ish however if this time doesn’t suit let me know and we’ll work out a time that suit everyone interested within reason.

If you want to take part you’ll need to bring your computer/laptop along, you don’t need to have kicad installed, although it can be downloaded from beforehand.

There is NO internet at the venue, however I’ll also bring a copy for windows and OSX users so we can step through the install and setup process , if you want to run any other versions, i.e. Ubuntu etc please let me know and I’ll make sure I have a copy of the install files just in case.

These tutorials I envisage covering across a few meetings but will be fairly informal and on no hard time frames so if we cover it we cover it, if not we can roll over onto the next meeting, if we cover everything and have time left over we can start on the next session. Feel free to ask lots of questions. If there’s anything in particular you want to cover? Let me know in advance so I can incorporate it into one of the sessions.

Session 1:

  • Overview of the PCB Design workflow and process and where Kicad fits into it all
  • Setup and installation
  • Environmental tweaks and customisation
  • Overview of the Kicad packages and how they fit together.

Session 2:
Start on a design of a Single Cell Lipo/18650 Charger SMD breakout board which should cover:

  • Reading Technical Data sheets
  • Use of the schematic design package
  • Creating custom components from scratch.
  • Custom Library Creation and Management
  • Schematic Annotation
  • Schematic DRC
  • Using Libraries
  • BOM Generation

Session 3:
Continue the battery charger PCB design in the previous session this time focusing on the PCB layout we should cover things such as:

  • Net list exporting
  • Terminology relating to PCBs   e.g. What are Vias, traces, fills etc
  • PCB Layers
  • PCB and component layout
  • Custom footprints
  • Drilling and Hole Types
  • Basic Routing
  • Design Verification process I use
  • Types of DIY Board manufacturing, pros and cons
  • Other Manufacturing Choices, pros and cons.

(Maybe) Session 4:
Still not sure if this will go ahead, but it would be great to make a DIY PCB of our design anyway its open for discussion

(Maybe) Session 5
Lets assemble and test the damn things

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