My Makers Workshop; Construction Starts

I’ve been living for the last several years without a makers and the last 4 or so with all my gear held in storage while our tiny old house undergoes renovations, that I’m mostly doing myself.

While technically work started nearly 2 years ago with plans, clearing the block, planning and building permits; this week construction actually started on my new garage and workshop – 77m2 of concrete slab was poured, which about half will become my makers workshop.

Six months ago I had the block cleared ready to start, however not everything went to plan with local governement permit delays around planning resulted us living with a sandpit for a back yard over the last six months.

Like all old properties, I’ve been plagued by buried rubbish, building rubble, of course roots, roots and more roots, even a fully buried cast iron bath!!!.

Going, going…

Clearing the backyard
Clearing the Backyard well underway
backyard all cleared
Backyard all Cleared
compacting & earthworks required to build up the ground level. Conduits for electrical(orange) and data (white) can bees seen, as well as a drain for a sink
forming up for concrete pad
Forming up for the concrete pad
concrete Pad membrane
Waterproof membrane to prevent moisture

Makers Workshop Construction Concrete Pour Begins

Pour begins nice and early @ 0630

Makers Workshop construction screeding concrete
Levelling the concrete
Makers Workshop construction levelling concrete
Nearly finished levelling
Makers workshop construction - concrete pad finished
Viola!!! Add Done! 77m2 of concrete pad waiting to cure

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