My maker workshop: End of the first weeks construction

Week 1

As the building is nearing completing and things are slowing down, I’ve actually got some some time to post progress of my workshop so far. ┬áSo I’ll start with the first weeks progress.

The first week has flown by and we’ve made decent progress

Day 1

Studs have been cut with the first three panels assembled, ready for installing tomorrow. These are the three most complicated frames, includes the front garage door, side door and windows and make up the front of the building, the rest of the frames are simple walls so are easy to assemble and install with the two of us.

A trick I learnt from the builder when cutting the studs. Use a nail on the docking saw to set the length of the studs so they are all the same length. this makes it much faster in to cut them all. All studs are marked with a crayon on the side it has a bow (if any), which are placed all the same way (i.e. all crayon marks go to the outside wall) when constructing the frames so the wall would be the same.

Day 2

I roped in the help of two neighbours to help with the panels. The front went in first, then the side panels to hold the front, luckily there was no wind. All frames are now in-situ with a temporary brace is in place to prevent them falling over. The other the other two frames making up the rest of the two longest walls didn’t take long to construct and tilt up in place. I’m certainly getting a sense of the building height now the walls are up.

Day 3

Short day today due to attending a meeting in Perth for work, so the only job I did is to permanently fix all frames to the slab. This involved drilling and bolting in between each stud of each panel. These are not going anywhere soon!

Day 4

No work today due to training in Perth, however good news, the bricky can start tomorrow rather than next week.

Due to me using up as much space on the block as possible for my maker workshop I’m building right on the boundary of a neighbouring property. This parapet wall needs to be brick due to local building laws.

Day 5

Brickwork has begun, doorframe from the outside to my maker workshop is installed and can be bricked around it.

I fixed all the studs to the bottom and bottom plates of the frame using using metal ties and started work building the trusses, by days end 9 out of the 14 required trusses were complete.

Day 6

The brickeys completed the brickwork up to the top plate of the frame and need to come back next week to finish once the trusses are installed. Due to the wall height, 3m and the height of the trusses, another 1.8m for the 30 degree gable roof, they would need to install scaffolding, however my makers workshop is having a mezzanine floor above it for lots of storage space, so we’ll get this completed early next week so the brickeys can have a platform to work from and complete the gable brickwork without requiring any further scaffolding.

Next week

We will be installing the trusses and cladding the building, the weather is not looking so good for next week leading up to Easter, rain is forecast for a few days next week so fingers are crossed that it holds out as much as possible, at least until we get the tin on the roof and the walls clad. Not to mention it being a short week due to Easter, then Anzac Day…sigh

I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made this week on the construction of my maker workshop, seeing the building take shape this week it’s certainly a lot bigger than I visualised from plan – no complaints though. I’ll be using it all mwahaha!!!!

Next week we should complete most of the construction work if the weather holds, leaving me the following week for cleanup and electrical fit out before I head back to work seeing the house and main switchboard are now upgraded. I’m hoping that before I go back to work to at least get the concrete floor epoxied to protect it in the future.

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