Buzzbot – Odometry Task

Now that I have my Interrupts working on the the PIO Port, I have successfully adapted some code to provide Odometry for Buzzbot, based on reading the wheel encoders.     This odometry task provides me with the following data: Buzzbots Location in 2D Space (X and Y cooridinates). Current Heading in Degees. Average distance travelled in centimeters. Angle … Continue reading Buzzbot – Odometry Task


  My PICAXE Projects BuzzBot Blog - A R/C Toy being converted to a robot using the PICAXE LED Switch - Interesting Sensor Concept using an LED as both a Light Emmiting Device and as a Light Sensor

BuzzBot – PicAxe Frustrations

Frustrations  I have to make some decisions on what direction I need to go with my buzzbot project, basically I have been frustrated with some short comings of the PICAXE microcontroller.  The main being lack of any onboard timers and having only one common interrupt available.  Also I think that I'm trying to fit too much onto one of these babies.  … Continue reading BuzzBot – PicAxe Frustrations