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These are components I’ve created for Eagle3D. You may also want to check out the tutorials on how to create your own components. Components HopeRF RFM12B SMD 433Mhz/915Mhz RF Module Microchip MR24J40MA FCC Approved 2.4GHZ 802.15.4 RF Module Sparkfun SMA PCB Edge PJ-326 3.5mm Jack 900Mhz GSM SMA Antenna attached to PCB SMA … Continue reading Eagle3D

Step 4

Tweaking the Settings Now we have added the component into Eagle3d we need to tweak and fine-tune the settings. Now render your PCB, more than likely a couple of problems will show up.  The first is your component is very small.  so we need to tweak the scaling from within the component file we recreated … Continue reading Step 4

Step 3

Integrating into Eagle3D Now we have converted the file to work in Eagle3D we now need to tell Eagle3D how to use it. Add your include file to the file #ifndef(__user_inc) #declare __user_inc = true; #include "" #end Now open and add the following to the end of 3dusrpac.dat (found in the Eagle3D install … Continue reading Step 3

Step 2

Convert POV file into Eagle3D .inc file In the new POV file that was created by the plug-in now needs to be saved as a *.inc in the same directory as Eagle3D component include files this is usually called EAgle3D\pov Next we need to delete all the information not needed and will cause conflicts with … Continue reading Step 2

Step 1

Exporting Sketchup Objects to POV You first need to install the su2pov plugin as per the documentation.  Once installed you will see the plugin available from the plugin menu within sketchup. (click for larger image) I use the the following settings for the SU2POV plugin. Select 'GO' from the plugin menu. The POV file is … Continue reading Step 1


As I work out how to do things I’ll add them here. Eagle3d Creating and adding components using Google Sketchup - 04/03/2009 RFM12 Radio Module RFM12b Tutorials

Strobit M8 Files

Jans Gentsch has made his compact version of the Strobit Triggr available to the community, his version, the Strobit M08 based on AVR design can be found here.   Please note that there are a couple of things that need doing to the PCB, if you get a chance to implement Jans design, please post back … Continue reading Strobit M8 Files


Well there aren't really any downloads for this projects just yet. However for the prototype based on the PIC16F88: Drawings are available here BoostC source code and Eagle files are here . If you have any questions please contact me via the contact form.