Recovering from Incorrect Fuse Settings on the Strobit

The other day when playing around with different fuse settings on the Widget Board, I incorrectly wrote the wrong values, oops one bricked board 🙁 However all is not lost. With a second working Widget Board and a simple Arduino sketch , I used the following procedure to recover from my mishap. First I installed … Continue reading Recovering from Incorrect Fuse Settings on the Strobit

Step 2

Convert POV file into Eagle3D .inc file In the new POV file that was created by the plug-in now needs to be saved as a *.inc in the same directory as Eagle3D component include files this is usually called EAgle3D\pov Next we need to delete all the information not needed and will cause conflicts with … Continue reading Step 2

Strobit M8 Files

Jans Gentsch has made his compact version of the Strobit Triggr available to the community, his version, the Strobit M08 based on AVR design can be found here.   Please note that there are a couple of things that need doing to the PCB, if you get a chance to implement Jans design, please post back … Continue reading Strobit M8 Files