Step 4

Tweaking the Settings Now we have added the component into Eagle3d we need to tweak and fine-tune the settings. Now render your PCB, more than likely a couple of problems will show up.  The first is your component is very small.  so we need to tweak the scaling from within the component file we recreated … Continue reading Step 4

Step 3

Integrating into Eagle3D Now we have converted the file to work in Eagle3D we now need to tell Eagle3D how to use it. Add your include file to the file #ifndef(__user_inc) #declare __user_inc = true; #include "" #end Now open and add the following to the end of 3dusrpac.dat (found in the Eagle3D install … Continue reading Step 3

Step 2

Convert POV file into Eagle3D .inc file In the new POV file that was created by the plug-in now needs to be saved as a *.inc in the same directory as Eagle3D component include files this is usually called EAgle3D\pov Next we need to delete all the information not needed and will cause conflicts with … Continue reading Step 2