These are components I’ve created for Eagle3D. You may also want to check out the tutorials on how to create your own components.  http://blog.everythingrobotics.com/tutorials/eagle3d-tutorials/using-google-sketchup-to-create-components/ Components HopeRF RFM12B SMD 433Mhz/915Mhz RF Module Microchip MR24J40MA FCC Approved 2.4GHZ 802.15.4 RF Module Sparkfun SMA PCB Edge PJ-326 3.5mm Jack http://www.switchcn.com/ 900Mhz GSM SMA Antenna attached to PCB SMA … Continue reading Eagle3D


As I work out how to do things I’ll add them here. Eagle3d Creating and adding components using Google Sketchup - 04/03/2009 RFM12 Radio Module RFM12b Tutorials

RFM12 Forum

Due to the number of requests for help in getting a link operation with the RFM12 tranceiver, I've set up a dedicated topic on the forums.  http://forums.everythingrobotics.com/index.php. Please post any cries for help there, that way no information is lost in the comments of my blog or my email inbox 🙂

RFM12 Tutorials

Tutorials I've written these "How-To" articles to help get you started in using the RFM12 transceiver module from HopeRf. I found using these modules for the first time can have a bit of a steep learning curve, so I've put down to e-ink what I've learnt and hopefully you can benefit from my trials and … Continue reading RFM12 Tutorials