Step 4

Tweaking the Settings Now we have added the component into Eagle3d we need to tweak and fine-tune the settings. Now render your PCB, more than likely a couple of problems will show up.  The first is your component is very small.  so we need to tweak the scaling from within the component file we recreated … Continue reading Step 4

Step 2

Convert POV file into Eagle3D .inc file In the new POV file that was created by the plug-in now needs to be saved as a *.inc in the same directory as Eagle3D component include files this is usually called EAgle3D\pov Next we need to delete all the information not needed and will cause conflicts with … Continue reading Step 2

Step 1

Exporting Sketchup Objects to POV You first need to install the su2pov plugin as per the documentation.  Once installed you will see the plugin available from the plugin menu within sketchup. (click for larger image) I use the the following settings for the SU2POV plugin. Select 'GO' from the plugin menu. The POV file is … Continue reading Step 1