Protocol: Full Detail can be found here on the wiki - The trigger packet transmitted is 7 bytes long.  Preamble(3 bytes), Sync(2 bytes), trigger command (1 byte) and CRC byte. The Preamble is used by the the RF module to tune the Receiver. The Sync word is used by the RF modules receiver circuit to … Continue reading Protocol


Firmware Details: At the moment it’s pretty basic, but works!  Source is available via SVN (see download page) The mode is set at powerup by pressing the manual trigger button. If pressed then mode is set to Master, default powerup is in slave mode (i.e.. do nothing). Master mode is identified by a single flash … Continue reading Firmware


Prototype Specs: PIC16F88 running on internal 8MHz Clock - low cost and very popular, free development tools available, i.e. C compiler. Works in unlicensed 915MHz ISM Band(Australia/US), can work at 433Mhz by changing RF module(US/EU/Australia). RF uses FSK Modulation - Less prone to interference sources. All aspects of the RF module is configurable via the … Continue reading Prototype