RFM12 FSK Library – Alpha Release

I'm pleased to announce the very ALPHA release of the RFM12 library for the wireless HopeRF RFM12 FSK tranceiver module that I'm using for the strobist open trigger project.  It was developed under BOOSTC for the PIC embedded controller, but should be easily ported to any compiler. Most of it is untested, hence the alpha release, but it's a … Continue reading RFM12 FSK Library – Alpha Release


I came across an interesting article yesterday on Hack-A-Day about using a LED as a Photo Sensor and cheap communictaion device.  This is achieved by using some physical properties of the LED for both Transmit and Receive.  The article also links to a cool video clip demonstrating this. Original Article can be found here http://www.hackaday.com/entry/1234000873073550/ Anyway this sparked my interest … Continue reading PICAXE – LED Sensor