Step 1

Exporting Objects to POV

  1. You first need to install the plugin as per the documentation.  Once installed you will see the plugin available from the plugin menu within sketchup. (click for larger image)


  2. I use the the following settings for the SU2POV plugin.image

  3. Select ‘GO’ from the plugin menu.
  4. The POV file is then created, open it up in povray.  You should be able to render it direct from this file so you can at least get a sense of what it will look like rendered on the . (click for larger image)MRF24J40MA

    Note: Some errors were reported when I first tried to render the scene straight from the export line in the POV file.  It appears that this problem is related to the default Radiosity settings generated by the plugin, these are not used in the newer versions of POV.  The su2pov plugin is for pov3.2.  I safely deleted the Radisity section from the generated file.  (update: I have since found that if you change the Radiosity settings to ‘Final’ under the plugin render options this problem does not happen). 3D ultimately handles all the radiosity settings anyway, but this is so we can view the test file in POV.

  5. Now that we have successfully rendered the file in POV we now need to incorporate it into .
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